BAEF Evenings

Dear fellow alumni and friends,

Our Director, Laurel Zimmermann, has just returned from a visit to British boarding schools. She is delighted to report that she talked with three school representatives who are eager to have BAEF Gap Fellows as soon as possible, and Laurel is in the process of placing our first Fellow this fall. As these positions are in great demand, she sees this placement as an important effort in the BAEF mission to enable American students to have experience in British schools.

In addition, upcoming British-themed events in the New York area include a Royal Wedding Bash and Summer Garden Party hosted by the St. George's Society, a Cricket Match and Tea, Spring Hike and Barbecue, as well as a Croquet Tournament hosted by British Schools and Universities Club. If you would be interested in attending, please email Laurel to let her know.

Win Sheffield (Malvern '73)
BAEF Chair


1. Upcoming Events
  - Royal Wedding Bash, April 29, 2011
  - Spring Hike and Barbecue, May 1, 2011
  - Cricket Match and Tea, June 4, 2011
  - Croquet Tournament, July 17, 2011
  - Garden Party, August 3, 2011

For questions or updates, please contact:

Laurel Zimmerman
Director, BAEF

Spring Hike and Barbeque
Royal Wedding Bash