Representative Schools

BAEF Scholars have attended over 100 different British schools. Among those most frequently attended: Benenden, Bryanston, Charterhouse, Cheltenham, Clifton, Cranleigh, Eastbourne, Eton, Gordonstoun, Haileybury, Harrow, King's Canterbury, Lancing, The Leys, Malvern, Marlborough, Oundle, Radley, Repton, Roedean, Sevenoaks, Uppingham, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey.

Visit some of the representative schools whose websites are listed below:

Please note that in Britain, all higher education is known as "University" and some secondary schools use the name "College" (as in Lancing College, or Malvern College). In Britain, "prep school" refers to what Americans would call elementary or middle school.

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